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HVAC financing: options to get your business funded

By: Premiere Capital Funding

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry:

Every business owner wants the best for his/her company and, of course, it’s fast development. The owners of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry are not the exception as the revenue often changes seasonally, and it often makes lenders reluctant to finance such businesses. Moreover, HVAC companies frequently have trouble qualifying for business loans from banks and other traditional lenders. Many loan providers count this industry as high risk. Yet there are still affordable HVAC financing options available.

This summer is hot and humid, so HVAC businesses must be busy. During the late summer and late winter things slow down, except the bills. Make needed equipment able-to-get for your customers. For a successful circulation of products and services from your company you should have all types of heating and cooling equipment in stock:

 • Air Conditioning Units
 • Heating Units
 • Solar Water Heating Units
 • Chillers
 • Compressors
 • Fan Coil Units
 • Cooling Towers
 • Water Pumps
 • Air Ventilation Systems
 • And other maintenance tools.

HVAC financing options

All these things are not cheap, thus financing from Premier Capital Funding can help your company to overcome the financial obstacles connected with working capital and cash flow.

There are a lot of options available:

• Unsecured Business Loans – loans against future receivables;
• Collateral Loans – asset (equipment, warehouse, real estate, trucks, etc.) based loans;
• Factor Financing – financing of up to 90% of a future receivable contract;
• Merchant Cash Advance – fast access to needed money, but just in case you process credit cards.

Yet if you don’t want to put any collateral, you have been in business for less than 3 years, your credit score is not perfect or you are simply looking for a fast funding than Cash advance programs are your best choice.

When you apply for credit from a bank or another lender, you are required to provide a pile of documents in order to be approved. Our approval process for your HVAC Company is much easier and less time-consuming. Fill in this simple application form to get started. Once you are approved, you can get the capital you need in one business day.

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