Tips On How To Get Your Small Business Funded

By: Premiere Capital Funding

Here at Premier Capital Funding we have funded more than 3000 small business all over US. We consolidated all the experience and came up with 9  basic tips on how to get the best offer for financing your business: 


1). Open a business checking account: if you are looking for additional business capital any lender will ask for your business checking account bank statements. At Premier Capital funding we request 3 recent bank statements.

2). Depositing: try to make constant deposits on your business account: at least 5 deposits monthly, $10.000 minimum in total for 3 months before applying.

3). Track negative days and NSFs on your account: don’t let your negative days keep you away from the opportunity to get an additional funding. No more than 5 days a month is recommended. But the perfect situation is to avoid them at all. You want to get the best offer, right? Work on avoiding negative days, make sure you always have extra balance to cover the deductions from your account.

4). Daily balance: keep your daily balance in a good shape: remember a Lender will have a look on this number to make a decision if you can handle additional aches from your account or not. The amount of funding will also depend on this number.

5). Be prepared. If you have an open advance prepare information on your current balance and if it was closed prepare a zero balance letter.

6). Never fraud your statements: when you make any changes in the statements that you are submitting to a Lender – they can be always easily detected and your reputation will suffer.

7). If you are proceeding credit card sales – attach with you application your merchant processing statements. Sometimes they look better than your business checking account performance and it will help you to get the better offer. Premier Capital Funding requests 4 recent CC statements.

8). Online presence: maybe it will be surprising but Lenders also check your online presence. It is also beneficial for your business in general. Make sure your business: has a website, social media accounts; listed on google+, review sites (such as yelp, tripadvisor, etc), has corporate profiles.

9). Check and track your credit score. You can do this for free for free: request the report from Set up an account that will give you free access to your personal credit reports from all three bureaus and business credit reports from Experian and Dun & Bradstreet.

These are just some pieces of the advice that you can take.
And if you need additional funding for your business we are ready to provide you with exactly what you need.
Our professional team will provide you with full free financial consultation.
Our application process is easy and hustle free and does not harm your current credit score as we don’t do any hard checks on the application stage.
You can start with our  quick application >>>  or just call us at for a consultation (877) 563-4226.


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