Small Business Financing: Myths vs. Reality

By: Premiere Capital Funding

The sphere of small business financing is not that clear. People do not always know the key things about it and its nature itself. This leads to the fact that lots of our clients confuse myths and realities connected with financial support. To avoid any misunderstanding, let’s consider the most widespread mistakes.

Small Business Financing: Myths vs. Reality

The first one lies on the believing that Premier Capital Funding gives business loans. The truth is that we cooperate with banks and other non-banking organizations and guarantee that you get money. Besides, we also take part of the risks, making the offer more appropriate for you.

The second myth is that blemished credit story won’t let you get a new loan. In reality, if you have a comprehensive explanation, this will never be a problem and you can get a loan for your small business.

The next and most widespread misconception is that such loan takes too much time and efforts to receive. Well, sometimes it might be so, but the actual duration depends on many factors. Moreover, there are companies, such as Premier Capital Funding, which are able to give an answer within only 24-26 hours!

The last one is that is you have already started your enterprise, you will never need a loan anymore. Don’t be mistaken. The market is extremely competitive, that’s why to stay successful and get profit you should reorganize, remodel and redesign your business. As the time goes on, you will require better equipment and tools.

Remember about these myths and be wise asking for a loan.

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