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Prepare your business for the Labor Day weekend

By: Premiere Capital Funding

labor day business tips6 days left – Labor Day weekend is around the corner. It means that your customers are coming back from summer vacation. And this is the right time to get your business prepared to sell. Ensure that you and your business benefit from this holiday. We are happy to share with you some labor day business tips on how to increase your business opportunities and don’t miss your profits:

Boost up your marketing: set up promoting Deals and Coupons
  • Send your customers offers or coupons to promote your products and services. It is a time to Use your email list. There are some ways to market your business without huge investments. Use your email list. Do online advertising, social media postings and promote deals on your website. Target your local audience With Facebook and Instagram – telling people around you about the exciting deals you’re offering.
Take care of your inventory and capacity
  • Prepare your business for the increasing demand and make sure you have enough stock to cover your customer needs. Have a look on your sales last September, taking into the account the recent dynamic of your business. Provide your customers with timely seamless services, especially if they are being advertised!
Prepare your staff
  • September is a right month for hiring staff for growing business. Make necessary advertising in local resources. It’s not easy to find devoted employees and takes time. Schedule your employees so there would not be any delays in customer’s service. Ensure your customers are happy and it will keep your bank account up.
Repair/purchase necessary equipment
  • Make sure all your equipment is operating properly and you have enough capacities to run your business and to start the busy autumn season.
Use new technologies
  • Start to accept debit/credit cards and mobile payments. Nowadays mobile payments are becoming one of the most popular payment types for smartphone owners of every age. And people tend not to carry cash and prefer using their plastic cards.
Celebrate the Weekend
  • Celebrate the weekend with your family and your customers.

And if you need additional working capital for:


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– hiring

– inventory

– any other expenses to grow your business

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