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Premier Capital Funding Program is Helping Small Restaurant Business Grow

By: Premiere Capital Funding

Premier Capital Funding (PCF) finance solutions help small restaurant business owners to raise affordable finance easy, fast and successfully. Alex Sha, the owner of a small chain of Chinese restaurants, erstwhile single Chinese chop-suey emporium, “Khoom Fay” did not hesitate to rely on alternative lender after a long streak of bad luck. When he was trying to obtain a loan from the local banks. Nevertheless, fortune smiled upon him and he saw PCF online ad.

A success story

A majority of Americans (about 78%) prefer ethnic foods. More and more consumers, particularly younger ones, are interested in eating Chinese nosh. Alex Sha knew this. And as he has a passion for cooking his family recipes he accumulated savings and opened his own place. Chinese chop-suey emporium named “Khoom Fay”. Very soon this place gained great popularity. And Alex mused of the future. That was a successful start of a small restaurant business.

He wanted to share finger licking good food with more people. His parents also took part in this venture. But they could offer only their ideas and physical strength. So Friends/Family funding eliminated naturally and he applied to a bank, after refusal to another bank and there he was approved! But after a long wait, he understood it was a bad idea to ask a bank for a loan. Surfing the Internet in search of alternatives he filled in an online application at Premier Capital Funding website and in a year he had already a chain of Chinese restaurants.

Alex beliefs that a part of his success is investments in anything that helps to serve comfortable and on a high level. For example, while his back-office desk cost him $50, he splurged on high-quality wooden dining groups. Also, having the best tasting products with the most expensive ingredients allows him to charge more. “You have to compete on the quality, because [big businesses] can’t mass-produce [that].” says Alex Sha: “That’s what sets us apart, Restaurateurs should focus on serving their guests, listening to them, and providing them with a product and a great experience.” You have to have great passion for the business because there will be problems and challenges and that passion is what will allow you to overcome the rivals.

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